Mission, Vision, and Values

The Association is dedicated to quality health care management which will assist the members to develop effective and efficient practices, thus enhancing the provision of quality health care services within Iowa.

The purpose of the organization is fourfold:

  • To promote the professional growth and development and visibility of the medical group managers.
  • To provide a variety of targeted educational opportunities to members of the organization.
  • To provide opportunities for members to share and disseminate information of mutual interest.
  • To maintain an active advocacy with other key public and private organizations that affect the management, funding, and delivery of quality health care services.

With this end in mind, we believe that the association offers members the bridge to professional development.  With a value system focused on

  • Quality,
  • Member Responsiveness,
  • Ethics,
  • Image in the Health Care Field, and
  • Fun in the fullest sense of the word,

We can provide our members guidance and direction in ever-changing times.


The organizers of the Association had a vision when they came together in 1972 to charter their group. The development of a dynamic, dedicated group of practice managers who would help each other grow and prosper. A group who would promote the successful management of medical practices throughout the state, and who would come together for positive experiences and networking. This vision quickly became reality.