Active Membership:                                                                                                      
An active member is one who meets one of the following criteria for membership:

(i) An individual who is directly employed in management or administrative support services by an entity formally organized to provide or facilitate the provision of healthcare services.

(ii) An individual employed by a management organization, hospital/health system, practice management firm or other business entity responsible for managing any operational component(s) of an entity providing healthcare services.  This includes consultants who are responsible for operations of one or more practices on an ongoing basis.

(iii) Healthcare providers/clinicians who hold an active license in the state.

An active member is entitled to vote, hold office, or serve on any committee.
Active Member dues are $150 per year or $875 for All-Inclusive (LEARN MORE ABOUT ALL-INCLUSIVE HERE)


Groups of four or more Active members from the same organization will receive a $25 discount on individual membership.  Email: to register your group.

Affiliate Membership:


Affiliate membership is a benefit afforded to individuals who represent an IHLA sponsor.  A sponsor is defined as an organization that supplies products or services to IHLA members. Affiliate Membership is included with Gold & Silver Sponsorship, and are not available independent of sponsorships.

Affiliate members may serve on committees, serve on, or chair subcommittees, but cannot vote, hold an office, or chair a committee.

CLICK HERE to learn more about IHLA Sponsorship

Student Membership:

An individual who is pursuing a healthcare or business-related degree at an accredited institution of higher learning and does not qualify for any other member category.

Student members can vote, may serve on committees, serve on, or chair subcommittees, but cannot hold an office, or chair a committee.
Membership dues are $25 per year.
Faculty Membership:

A faculty member is an individual who is actively teaching business or healthcare administration in an accredited college or university of higher learning.  The faculty member must not qualify in any other category of membership. 

A faculty member cannot vote, hold an office, or be a chair of a committee or subcommittee, but may serve on committees.

Membership dues are $150 per year.

Life Member:

A life member is an IHLA member who permanently retires or becomes disassociated from active medical group practice management and who has been an active or associated member for at least fifteen (15) years.  Life members shall pay no dues or have no vote within the IHLA, but shall be considered a guest in regard to the educational component of the registration fees of IHLA at all state functions.  A life member shall be responsible for payment of any social event fees applicable during attendance at IHLA functions/meetings.


*In the event an active or student member who is in good standing and is no longer active in medical group practice management but wishes to maintain contact with IHLA, that individual can be an inactive member for the balance of the current calendar year, plus one calendar year.  For the first six months after becoming inactive, that individual can continue to vote, hold office, or be chair of a committee, and may serve on committees.  Following this six-month period, an inactive member may only continue to serve on committees.